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The Issue

Causal Agent: Colletotrichum cereale

Hosts: Poa annua, bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fine-leaf fescues, perennial ryegrass

Epidemiology: Anthracnose develops over a range of temperatures and was generally considered a disease of poa annua only. Anthracnose has now been observed on creeping bentgrass (generally older varieties). Symptoms of basal rot develop at cooler temperatures (15 to 25°C), and foliar symptoms occur at temperatures above 26°C.

Target: Foliage, crowns, stolons and roots

Foliar Blight Evidence: On poa annua symptoms include a yellowing to reddish brown discoloration of leaves and a general thinning of the turf. Leaves die from their tips down. On creeping bentgrass symptoms appear reddish-tan and in other cases, older leaf blades are completely water-soaked.

Basal Rot Evidence: Crown tissues become infected and scattered plants or small patches of plants turn yellow and die. Close examination of the infected stem base reveals a water-soaked black rot of the crown tissue while the leaf blades exhibit no lesions.

Foliar Blight Clues:  Distinctive fruiting bodies (acervuli) of the fungus with their protruding, black, hairlike structures (setae) can be observed with a hand lens.

Basal Rot Clues: Close examination of the infected stem base reveals a water-soaked black rot of the crown tissue. On creeping bentgrass, the stolons may also be affected.

The Solutions

  • Broad spectrum strobilurin fungicide
  • Engineered for quick plant uptake and even distribution within the plant
  • Control of 12 turf diseases including Anthracnose, Take-all patch, Summer patch and Dollar spot
  • Rapid mobility and rainfast in 15 minutes
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Phostrol Pro
  • A non-conventional fungicide containing a highly concentrated and unique blend of phosphites
  • Labelled for Microdochium patch, Anthracnose and Pythium blight
  • Highly systemic with xylem and phloem mobility
  • Direct and indirect dual mode of action
  • Stimulates turf defence through SAR
  • BioPriority™ Solution


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  • Broadest label of any SDHI registered for turf in Canada
  • Controls key summer diseases like Anthracnose, Dollar spot & Brown patch
  • Ideal for broad spectrum disease control and resistance management
  • Highly systemic with acropetal and translaminar mobility within plant
  • Convenient liquid formulation
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