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Dollar Spot

The Issue

Causal Agent: Dollar spot (Clarireedia jacksonii)

Hosts: All turfgrasses in Canada

Epidemiology: Summer through fall during periods of higher humidity and air temperatures between 15 – 29°C  (60-85°F).

Target: Foliage

Evidence: In closely mowed grasses, mycelium from previously infected tissue (thatch) will colonize the foliage resulting in small, circular, sunken spots of white or tan coloured blighted turf. These spots rarely exceed 5 cm (2 inches) and are the size of a silver dollar which the name is derived from. These spots can coalesce into larger patches under severe conditions.

Clues:  Cobwebby mycelium covering foliage which can have a spider web like appearance. Lesions on foliage can often have an hour-glass appearance with tan to reddish brown margins which usually extend across the entire leaf blade.

The Solutions

  • 14 to 28 day Dollar spot control intervals
  • Unique 4th generation SDHI fungicide
  • Preventative and curative activity
  • A powerful single active ingredient for maximum tank mix and rotation flexibility
  • Convenient low use rates
  • - 15.9 ml/100 m2 for 14 day control
  • - 22.2 – 28.5 ml/100 m2 for 21 to 28 days
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  • Broadest label of any SDHI registered for turf in Canada
  • Controls key summer diseases like Anthracnose, Dollar spot & Brown patch
  • Ideal for broad spectrum disease control and resistance management
  • Highly systemic with acropetal and translaminar mobility within plant
  • Convenient liquid formulation
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  • Ideal Iprodione alternative
  • Unique chemistry, the only group 1 (MBC) fungicide in Canada
  • Highly systemic acropetal penetrant provides preventative and curative activity
  • Proven, broad spectrum active ingredient known for its ability to rejuvenate turf suffering from key and potentially devastating turfgrass diseases
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  • Broad spectrum strobilurin fungicide
  • Engineered for quick plant uptake and even distribution within the plant
  • Control of 12 turf diseases including Anthracnose, Take-all patch, Summer patch and Dollar spot
  • Rapid mobility and rainfast in 15 minutes
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  • Non-conventional OMRI Fungicide
  • Plant defence activator (ISR)
  • Preventative treatment for Microdochium patch & Dollar spot
  • Registered for golf and sports fields
  • BioPriority™ Solution
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