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Program Period : March 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024

Eligibility: All golf courses located in Canada are eligible. Purchases must be made during program period from an authorized Belchim Canada retailer. This program offer is exclusive and not for use in conjunction or combination with any other program offer.

# Purchase Receive Free Savings
1 Jade (8 Jugs) Jade (1 jug) 11%
2 PhostrolPro (4 cases) PhostrolPro (1 jug) 11%
3 Renovo (1 case) PhostrolPro (1 case) 16%
4 Disarm (1 case) Disarm (1 jug) 20%
5 Renovo (3 cases) Renovo (1 case) 25%

Offer does not apply to:

  • products returned for any reason
  • products purchased for resale
  • products ordered buy not taken

Bonus product is to be provided by an authorized Belchim Canada retailer along with purchase. Belchim Canada will reconcile with retailer. Belchim Canada reserves the right to verify information provided.

Case Size:

Jade: 20L
Disarm: 4 x 1.4L
Renovo: 2 x 10L
Phostrol Pro: 2 x 10 L

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